Sale Leaseback Program

What is an equipment sale leaseback?

What is a sale leaseback? Its when you use your businesses existing equipment (already paid for) as collateral for a loan. You can not use equipment that is currently on a lease or loan for a sale leaseback. The equipment should be in good shape and still have value.

Equipment sale leaseback is the sale of an asset (business equipment) for cash. The asset remains on the seller’s property with a contract to lease it back from the source purchasing it. The seller retains ownership of the asset at the term end.

Why would I use my equipment to get working capital?

* Get up to 70% of the original purchase price on equipment you own.
* The equipment stays on your property for your use.
* You can write off 100% of the monthly payments.
* No restrictions on how the money is used
* Take idle equity out of equipment and use it for working capital.
* No other collateral … no personal assets and no other business assets.
* Your lease payments do not interfere with your credit lines at the bank.

What equipment qualifies?

From office to warehouse, any equipment that is owned outright and is involved with the daily operation of the business should qualify for sale and leaseback financing. However, equipment age and industry restrictions may apply.