About Clearlease

About Clearlease

ClearleaseA� is a free service that can instantly qualify you for an auto mobile or equipment lease. You save time and effort by giving us your information just once; we find you choices in seconds. We can even get you qualified for a Mortgage for your home or business.

Clearlease offers:

A wide choice of loans and lenders
Whether you’re looking for an established name or a low-price leader, our wide selection of credit products let’s you determine what’s right for you.

Real-time qualifying

Can you spare a few moments?

For some of the loan types we offer, that’s all it takes us to tell you what loans you qualify for. (Qualifying is a way to find out which loans you have the best chance of getting.)

Applying made easy

Once you choose the loan option that’s right for you, we help you apply to the lender. Again, depending on the type of credit you need, you could get a definitive answer in as little as a few minutes.

How we work for you.

We know your time is valuable. So we’ll take you through the credit process as quickly and efficiently as possible, and show you only the loan products you qualify for. We think you’ll like what you find: clearlease.com partners with many of the nation’s top lenders.

Your privacy and security is our foremost concern. We’ve designed a special qualification process that protects your credit history as you search for credit: We access your credit report only once – and only if necessary – and use that single report to shop with over 90 lenders to get you a competitive payment, rate and term.

leasing made easy

we save you money

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