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Clearlease Financial Group provides equipment leasing and financing for new and used equipment purchased from a range of sources. We can finance nearly any equipment needed for your business. From Office Equipment and Computers to Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipment, we provide equipment financing solutions to fit any situation. Our team is dedicated to offering clients a refreshing level of customer-oriented service at competitive leasing rates.

If youa��re a business owner or manager of a Canadian or American small or medium sized business (SME) seeking equipment financing,A� then Ia��d like to assist you with equipment financing and equipment leasing programs that are available for the following equipment categories

Equipment Financing & Equipment Leasing Categories

Agricultural Equipment
Construction Equipment
Commercial Equipment
Computer Equipment
Computer Software
Golf & Turf Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
Office Equipment
Printing Equipment
Medical Equipment
Transportation Equipment
Warehousing Equipment

The equipment financing market for equipment leases and loans can be a bit hard to navigate, especially if youa��re new to the whole process or have a more challenging finance requirement.

There are numerous financing programs, lenders, and brokers to choose from.

Regardless of the approach you take, there isA� one clear goal a�� and thata��s to secure the financing you need with the best available terms and conditions.

And no matter what youa��ve read on the internet or in off line advertising, the #1 approach that gets Canadian business owners and managers the best equipment financing available to them is by utilizing the services of an equipment financing specialist.

Benefits of using an Equipment Financing Specialist include:

Locating equipment finance programs for virtually any type of new or used equipment.

Direct access to a large group of lenders and leasing companies, including several sources that only provide their products and service through brokers and financing consultants.

An initial free assessment process that quickly provides you with available lease and loan financing options that are relevant to your particular situation.

Expert advice and assistance in creating application packages that are more likely to get superior results.

Credit Inquiry Protection.A� This is essential service for maintaining your credit score and avoiding unnecessary declines caused by excessive credit inquiries.

Ongoing support for any financing programs we help you secure.

Key insider information into how to approach the market at any given time, who to avoid, and what you should be looking for when considering certain offers.

Some additional things to consider:

Flexible options. We can recommend more flexible financing options that can be customized to your specific needs.

Competitive rates. Because we deal with a large assortment of lenders and leasing companies, the rates are very competitive.

Fast Approvals. Most approvals are received within 24 hours and in as little as 2 hours for more straight forward applications.

AAA to C credit ratings will be considered.

A�A�A� Flexible payments and buyout terms are also available to you.

While there are numerous a�?leasing brokersa�? out there advertising a�?Best Ratesa�? and a�?Cheap Equipment Financinga�? to you, the reality is that much of what youa��re reading is can be quite misleading.

Equipment financing and leasing rates are always subject to change, especially in the current economy.A� There is no guarantee that rates advertised by any on lender will exist for any length of time or that the related terms and conditions will even be acceptable to you.

Like all forms of business financing, equipment finance is a moving target that can be extremely difficult to follow, especially if youa��re trying to secure financing all on your own.

But not to worry.

Ita��s my role and purpose to help you successfully navigate the market through all our well established lender and lease company relationships that collectively cover off all areas of the market.

And because I operate as an independent equipment financing specialist, there is no bias with respect to the financing options me and my team may recommend to you.

Our one and only objective is as follows:a�� Assess your situation, recommend the best available options, help you make the right decision, get the deal closed, provide ongoing customer support.

My Process Is Quite Simple, and Works Like Thisa��

You either pick up the phone and call me at 604-716-0495, or send me an initial email outlining what youa��re looking for to .A� Either way, the sooner we can have a direct conversation by phone or in person, the faster the process will go.A� I dona��t believe in online application forms as they cana��t replace the accuracy achieved from a one on one conversation.A� And not all people are comfortable with the online forms anyways, especially before they even talk to someone.

Again, all you have to do is call or email to get the process started.A� If I dona��t answer, please leave a message and Ia��ll personally get back to you asap.

During our initial discussion, we will quickly go over your situation together and I will give you some immediate feedback as to the types of equipment financing strategies that are available to you.

If any of the suggested approaches fit your needs, we will then quickly go out and shop the market for the best available options.A� This step may be completed in as little as two hours for very straight forward situations and up to 72 hours for more complex scenarios.

Once completed, we will get back in touch with you to go over the options Ia��ve located from serious financing sources.A� Dona��t worry about understanding all the terms and conditions. Wea��ll take as much time as you need to make sure youa��re completely comfortable with your choices and how they relate to your goals.

After we go over the related terms and conditions together, Ia��ll help you decide which one, if any, meet your requirements.A�A� If you make a decision to go forward with a financing option, a lender approval is typically obtained within 24 hours and forwarded to you.

After you have reviewed the approval, if everything is in order, you will sign it back to the lender.

The financing company typically takes one to three business days to go over the application and provide us with a list of any outstanding conditions remain outstanding and need to be covered off.

Once youa��ve satisfied all the conditions, the process is on the home stretch with only the final paper work left to be signed.

Thata��s it.A� Your equipment financing has now been secured.A� Congratulations.

Your best first step is to just pick up the phone and give me a call at 604-716-0495.A� The assessment process is free of charge and obligation and you will quickly know what equipment financing and equipment leasing options are available to you.

General Equipment Leasing

Equipment financing can be a powerful financial tool to help you run and grow your business.

Agricultural Leasing

As our roots are in the agricultural heartland, we understand the unique challenges of this industry.

Healthcare Financing

When it comes to ensuring you have the equipment to maximize the potential of your practice.

Golf & Turf Leasing

Understanding golf course owners’ unique challenges is what we do best Analytics firm netbase has used the huge collection phone tracker web blog of social postings to essentially rank products and companies in an order derived by what consumers actually think about them based on what they are willing to say publicly

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