Merchant Advance Benefits

Versatility and Convenience Unmatched by Conventional Bank Loans!

Advances are based on projected future sales!

There are no fixed payments. Payments are made automatically. No need to write cheques!

There are no hidden fees. Our application is quick and simple.

We can provide funding for your business in just 10 business days.

A portion of your payments to us are tax deductible.

MAC Merchant Cash Advance

Standard Business Loan

High approval rates

Credit often denied to small businesses

Funding typically available within 7 business days

Funding typically available within 4-8 weeks

No fixed monthly payments so cash flow is easy to manage

Typically involves a fixed monthly payment with no flexibility during slower months

No collateral required

Requires collateral

Included within is best phone tracker app of a selection of optimization tools, and if you’d like to get the very best out of your android device, be sure to give it a shot

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