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In this 2-part article series you ll discover how tamoxifen and estrogen work in the body, why tamoxifen is still being recommended, the list of possible tamoxifen side effects, the lies we have been told about tamoxifen, and the truth about this supposed wonder drug.

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Health care providers should discuss the potential benefits versus risks of these serious events with women at high risk of breast cancer and also those women with ductal carcinoma in situ dcis considering tamoxifen therapy to decrease their risk of developing breast cancer.

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Some medications that may interact with yasmin including aromatase inhibitors such as anastrozole arimidex , exemestane aromasin , fosamprenavir lexiva , raloxifene evosta , sodium tetradecyl sulfate sotradecol , and tamoxifen soltamox, nolvadex .

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Does anyone know if this will improve now i have been off tamoxifen for 2 years.

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There are insufficient data available regarding the effect of tamoxifen on breast cancer incidence in women with inherited mutations brca1, brca2 to be able to make specific recommendations on the effectiveness of tamoxifen citrate in these patients.

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