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Mortgage Rates


Check out all the available low rate mortgages and mortgage types to suit your needs. We can help you get the right mortgage with the flexibility and terms you need while still finding the best mortgage rates. Consider all the features and benefits of the mortgages we can provide and determine the best rate and overall value for you.


Time To Renew Your Mortgage


If you're preparing for mortgage renewal or mortgage refinancing what better opportunity could there be to discover what other mortgage companies are offering right now? Some of the issues you need to explore are:


fixed mortgage rates or variable mortgage rates

• mortgage periods of 6 months to 25 years

• amortization periods up to 20 years

• mortgage repayment schedules to fit your cashflow

• home financing alternatives such as a Home Equity Line of Credit or HELOC


Shop for a mortgage loan package that will exceed what you'd get from CIBC, BMO, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank, ING, HSBC, or Scotiabank.



Get the Right Mortgage and Get Approved


Compare your current mortgage with any of the Canadian banks and you'll be delighted that Fast Mortgage Approvals in Canada - Approved Mortgages in Canada Mortgages is here for you. It can be time consuming to find a mortgage with the best mortgage rate, mortgage type, and the flexibility and benefits you need. Canadian banks have a limited range of mortgage rates, services, terms and service which requires you to adapt to their demands. By working with a capable mortgage broker, you'll have access to the broadest range of residential mortgage and commercial mortgage products and services.


There's never been a better time to shop around for a mortgage. Our Lenders want your business!


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What is the Right Type of Mortgage Right Now?



 Note: Some major banks will not work with mortgage brokers  

Choosing between variable mortgage rates and fixed mortgage rates may depend more on your tolerance for risk. If you're on a tighter budget and can't tolerate increases of several hundred dollars per month on your mortgage payments, then a fixed rate will save you from that possibility. With fixed rates, the mortgage lender assumes the risk of rising mortgage interest rates. Variable Rate mortgages are lower thus if you know you can manage increases in your mortgage payments, it may be the right choice for you. Although many borrowers would like to have the low variable rates offered, it is very likely Canadian mortgage rates are likely to rise and this may put you at financial risk. The time you spend discussing variable vs fixed with our mortgage specialist is time well spent.


Mortgage Lenders


Today, there are many more sources of mortgage funding than when your parents took out their mortgage loans. Don't just rush off to TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, CIBC, BMO, or Royal Bank to accept what they're offering. Find a better rate and terms. Private mortgage lenders have brought billions of new funds into the lending market and this has improved competition in the marketplace. With private lenders in the market, the major banks are under pressure to offer more competitive products with rates and terms acceptable to consumers. However, with many borrowers not shopping around for the best mortgage, banks may not bother to make their products the best available. We don't take our customers for granted. Private mortgage companies offer excellent rates and service and it's important to know more about why you should refinance or transfer your mortgage away from the chartered banks.


Mortgage Terms


From Short Term Bridge Financing to 25 Year Mortgages, you can find the mortgage you need so you don't have to shop around online. You're busy and mortgage shopping takes a lot of time. That's fine because finding mortgages is what we do best. You'll discover more variety and options are possible than you thought. And a 1 year mortgage, 2 year mortgage, 3 year mortgage, 5 year mortgage, and 10 year mortgage are very different products. If you have specific requirements such as a 5 Year Variable rate, or 3 year fixed rate, or 25 year fixed rate mortgages, we'd be happy to find the best mortgage lenders offering the best rates and options possible. With mortgage lending, it's all about competition but we'll help ensure you get offers from reliable mortgage lenders.


Transfering Mortgages


If you've been with a particular bank for many years and don't appreciate how they've treated you regarding your mortgage, then it is a great time to transfer your mortgage to another lender. A bank should always work to save you money, and if they don't do it, then switching mortgage lenders might be a great move.


If you currently have a Scotiabank Mortgage, TD Canada Trust Mortgage, ING Direct Mortgage, CIBC Mortgage, Royal Bank Mortgage, or BMO Mortgage, give us a call to learn more about transferring your mortgage.