Enhance Your Cash Flow with Cash Flow/Debtor Finance

Are you a business selling products or services to other businesses on standard trade/credit terms? If so, Cash Flow/Debtor Finance could be the solution you’ve been looking for. This financing option allows you to receive payment for up to 80% of the value of your invoices within 24 hours, with the balance provided when your customer pays your account. Clearlease Financial Group consultants specialize in Cash Flow/Debtor Funding and have helped numerous clients achieve their aspirations by providing effective cash flow solutions and freeing them from the constraints of traditional banking.

So why should you consider Cash Flow/Debtor Finance for your business? Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Leverage your own debtors to enhance your cash flow position: By utilizing Cash Flow/Debtor Finance, you can turn your outstanding invoices into immediate cash. This enables you to maintain a healthy cash flow position and seize growth opportunities without waiting for extended payment terms.
  2. No real estate security required: Unlike traditional overdrafts, Cash Flow/Debtor Finance does not necessitate real estate collateral. This means you can access the funding you need without tying up your valuable properties or assets.
  3. Flexible financing that grows with your business: As your business expands and your sales increase, the Cash Flow/Debtor Finance facility can grow alongside it. This flexibility ensures that you always have access to the funds necessary to support your growth initiatives.
  4. Fast access to outstanding invoices: Say goodbye to the frustration of waiting for 30 or 60 days for your customers to pay their invoices. With Cash Flow/Debtor Finance, you can receive a significant portion of your outstanding invoices’ value within 24 hours. This quick access to funds allows you to meet your immediate financial obligations and invest in future business endeavors.
  5. Self-liquidating facility: When you opt for Debtor Finance, your company isn’t taking on additional debt. Instead, you’re leveraging your own receivables to access the working capital you need. This self-liquidating nature of the facility helps you manage your cash flow effectively while avoiding unnecessary financial burdens.
  6. Complementary to other business borrowings: Cash Flow/Debtor Finance is a stand-alone facility that can coexist with other types of business borrowings, such as long-term loans or leasing arrangements. It offers you the flexibility to address specific financial needs without impacting your existing financing structure.


Clearlease Cash Flow Financing Lease
Clearlease Cash Flow Financing Lease
Clearlease Cash Flow Financing Lease

Cash Flow/Debtor Finance is particularly beneficial for medium to large enterprises looking to grow their business or seeking cash flow support. Unlike traditional overdraft facilities, which are often limited by property values, Cash Flow/Debtor Finance typically does not require property as security, and its loan value is determined by the value of your outstanding invoices.

To determine if Cash Flow/Debtor Finance is the right option for your business, we encourage you to speak with one of our experienced consultants at Clearlease Financial Group. Our consultants can provide personalized guidance and help you explore the potential benefits and suitability of this financing solution. Take control of your cash flow and unlock your business’s growth potential today with Cash Flow/Debtor Finance.

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