Exploring Development Funding Options: Maximizing Profits with Clearlease Financial Group

Are you embarking on a development project and in need of funding? Look no further than Clearlease Financial Group, where our expertise in the lease, finance, and mortgage solutions can assist you in securing the development funding you require. With our large selection of lenders, we have a variety of options to suit most scenarios. Let’s delve into the world of development funding and explore some of the loans covered by our development finance solutions.

  1. Refurbishment Loan: When you require funds for refurbishing a property, our lenders offer an initial advance based on a percentage of the refurbishment costs. This includes the balance of the released post-works, as well as the re-inspection of the property. Clearlease Financial Group can provide a refurbishment loan based on the projected value of the property after it is refurbished, considering the potential income generated from renting or leasing the property.
  2. Bridging Loan: If you need short-term financing for property-related purposes, a bridging loan might be the ideal solution. Bridging loans can also be utilized for various other needs, such as making a deposit for an auction purchase. There are two variations available:
  • Variable Bridging Loan: With no fixed repayment date, this option allows flexibility within a year to repay the loan. The interest rate for a variable bridging loan can fluctuate.
  • Fixed Bridging Loan: This type of bridging loan has a predetermined repayment date, providing stability with fixed monthly payments.
  1. Land Development Loan: At Clearlease Financial Group, we understand the importance of transforming open land into a viable building site. Our land development loan covers the costs associated with acquiring the land, as well as the equipment and labor required for its development into residential or commercial buildings.

When it comes to development funding, it is crucial to understand that each project is unique, and lending parameters vary depending on factors such as location, project details, and the developer’s experience. Our dedicated consultants possess an in-depth knowledge of lender policies and intricacies, ensuring the best chance of approval by tailoring a solution specifically for your project.

Working with Clearlease Financial Group grants you access to an extensive network of lenders and the expertise needed to structure your debt effectively, thereby maximizing profits in your development venture.

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