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At Clearlease, we recognize the unique challenges and requirements of the farming industry. Our Agri-finance division is spearheaded by a team of specialists who possess an in-depth understanding of the needs of families and businesses in agriculture. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients and staying attuned to their ever-evolving business needs.

Our primary goal is to ensure that you are well informed about the various options available to you, both now and in the future, that align with your specific circumstances. We are dedicated to being proactive problem-solvers, offering competitive and tailored solutions that cater to your individual financial requirements. By entrusting us with the finance process, you can free up valuable time and energy to concentrate on what matters most: running your farming business.

What sets us apart at Clearlease is our commitment to ongoing support. We stand by you before, during, and after the finance process is completed. By working in close partnership with you, we effectively manage your finance needs and provide invaluable insight and support specific to your industry. Our expertise lies in helping you find the right agribusiness products that will drive your success. With access to an extensive lending panel, you can have confidence knowing that we will secure the best solution for your finance requirements.

Here are some of the ways we can assist you:

1. Seasonal Sowing Finance: We understand the cyclical nature of the agricultural industry and offer tailored finance options to support your seasonal sowing activities.

2. Flexible Seasonal Payments: Our flexible payment plans accommodate the cash flow fluctuations that are characteristic of farming, allowing you to manage your finances effectively.

3. Quick & Easy Farming Equipment Funding: We streamline the process of acquiring farming equipment, providing fast and hassle-free funding solutions that meet your equipment needs.

4. Livestock Leasing: Our specialized livestock leasing options offer a cost-effective approach to expanding your herd or managing your livestock operations.

At Clearlease, we comprehend the intricacies of the agricultural sector, and we recognize the diverse financial needs it encompasses. Whether you require broadacre funding, cropping finance, seasonal cash flow management, capital expense preparation, or forecasting for on and off-farm investments, we have you covered.

With experienced farming finance consultants ready to work hand in hand with you, we are fully equipped to handle all your farming finance needs. Our goal is to remove the burden of dealing with banks, enabling you to focus on your business. From managing paperwork to securing approval, our team takes care of the entire process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Choose Clearlease Financial Group for comprehensive lease, finance, and mortgage solutions tailored specifically for the farming industry. Let us be your trusted partner in driving your farming business forward, while we take care of your financial requirements.

Clearlease Farm Equipment Finance Lease Finance Lending
Clearlease Farm Equipment Finance Lease Finance Lending
Clearlease Farm Equipment Finance Lease Finance Lending

Lease your agricultural (farm) equipment with Clearlease and save. Leasing is an excellent choice for most farmers because, as farmers are aware, leasing offers many advantages over other types of agricultural financing. These farmers lease agricultural equipment because they know that leasing offers numerous advantages over other types of financing. These advantages include increased flexibility, customizable support and reporting, balance sheet management, tax deductions, improved asset management, increased cash flow, write-offs, convenient end-of-term options, easier upgrades, and the fastest processing industry has to offer. At Clearlease, we have helped thousands of agriculturalists lease the equipment they need to succeed. Our quality-trained, experienced professionals can help you today!

Leasing provides you with a structured financing program that addresses your key business issues: cash flow, budget, transaction, and cyclical fluctuations. Schedule your payments during “harvest” seasons wherein you predictably experience your best growth. Ally your expenses and revenues on a monthly basis.

Here is a Sample list of some Agricultural Equipment you can lease:

Air seeder
Bale mover
Bean Harvester
Broadcast seeder
Beet Harvester
Broadcast spreader
Center-pivot irrigation
Chisel Plow
Combine harvester
Conveyor belt
Corn harvester
Cotton picker
Dairy Machinery
Fanning mill
Feed grinder
Fertilizer & Pest Control
Fertilizer spreader
Food Processing
Forage harvester
Front end loader
Grain auger
Grain cart
Harrow (Spike, Drag, Disk)
Hay Baler
Hay rake
Hay tedder
Livestock Equipment
Manure spreader
Planting & Soil Cultivation
Plastic mulch
Potato digger
Potato harvester
Potato Planter
Power tiller
Precision drill
Rock picker
Rotary tiller
Seed drill
Skid-steer loader
Spading Machine
Stone picker
Walking tractor

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