DLC Clearlease Website “Makeover” UnderwayDLC Clearlease Website “Makeover” UnderwayDLC Clearlease Website “Makeover” Underway

Happy New Year to all of our past and future clients. 2010 was a great year and 2011 looks to be our best year ever!

We are putting together some incredible Vendor Programs which will be posted on the site in the very near future. As usual, DLC Clearlease will be on the forefront leading the way with “ease of use” applications poised with our focus on getting you an approval in as little time as possible enabling you, the Vendor, to serve your client base most effectively.

Remember, unlike traditional lenders, we run clients credit bureau only one time, and a lease is also considered an”off balance sheet” loan.

So wishing you all the best and a productive and profitable 2011!


DLC Clearlease Team

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