Dominion Lending Centres Clearlease Reports First-time buyers drive strong housing market

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Vancouver, B.C., Canada (April 6, 2011) Reports The Canadian housing market has remained hot in the early stages of 2011, thanks to a strong push from first-time buyers in big Canadian cities.

The threat of higher interest rates down the road has first-time buyers rushing to buy now and avoid getting caught with an inflated interest rate on their mortgage.

Most Canadian cities are reporting housing sales above the levels in 2010, according to a report by Remax.

Most of today’s first-time buyers appear to be dual-income, university or college educated couples with solid earnings and moderate financial knowledge.

The couples are tending to spend close to the average, if not more, in order to secure property in sought-after locations in the city.

Not surprisingly, condominiums and townhouses remain the most attractive properties for first-time homeowners.

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